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Support Field Rehabilitation with CPA Funds

What are Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds:

The CPA funds are a source of financing for local community projects in participating municipalities. These funds are generated through a surcharge on local property taxes, which is matched to varying degrees by state funds. These funds have already been collected and determining to support this project with not further increase your taxes. CPA funds can be allocated for the acquisition, creation, and preservation of open space; the preservation of historic resources; the creation and support of affordable housing; and the development and maintenance of outdoor recreational facilities. The specific uses and projects are determined through a local decision-making process, which involves community input and approval by the local legislative body.

Why Field Rehabilitation Qualifies for CPA Funds:

Massachusetts law allows for the use of Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds for the rehabilitation of land for recreational use. This includes improvements to municipal recreation land to enhance its functionality for outdoor activities. For more details, visit the Community Preservation Fund guidelines.

Our Plan for Field Rehabilitation:

We propose a two-phased approach to transform our community fields. Phase one will revitalize the front fields with leveling, a new irrigation system, and reseeding. Phase two will focus on the rear soccer and baseball fields, including leveling, reseeding, and irrigation installation.

Community Impact:

  • Hundreds of children in Berlin use these fields regularly.

  • The fields host community events, from Halloween celebrations to movie nights.

  • Local schools rely on these fields for physical education and activities.

  • The new irrigation system will reduce long-term maintenance costs and prevent future turf loss.

Logistics and Planning:

  • The project will begin in Fall 2024, with temporary adjustments to soccer field layouts.

  • A funded maintenance plan is in place, with contributions from the recreation committee, Berlin Soccer, and potential town support.

  • The project aligns with The Master Plan for South Commons, including the possibility of a new splash pad and water bottle filling stations.

Why You Should Vote Yes:

Investing in our fields is investing in our youth and community. Improved fields will save money over time, enhance community events, and support our children's active lifestyles. Let's use CPA funds to sustain and enrich Berlin's most utilized recreational area.

For the detailed plan, please review our materials here: South Common Field Rehabilitation Proposal

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - Why do we need better fields? The ones we have seem good enough.

A - Enhancing the quality of our existing fields will significantly increase our flexibility in field configuration, support the expansion of our programs, and enable the strategic rotation of field usage to prevent wear and tear. At present, the uneven grading of our fields poses a considerable challenge to maintaining healthy grass coverage. By addressing these issues and improving the condition of our fields, we can create a more sustainable and dynamic environment for all our recreational activities.

Q - Will this project increase our taxes or cost the town money?

A -The initial project will be paid for by CPA funds which does not increase taxes. The money is already allocated for these types of projects. This project is supported by the CPA Board, the conservation commission, town baseball, and recreation committee. It will only cost approximately $4,000 a year extra to maintain the irrigation system. This cost will be covered by baseball, soccer and recreation. 

Q - How did the fields get so bad?

A - The annual maintenance of the fields, which includes essential services such as over seeding, aerating, and dethatching, incurs a cost of $28,000. Previously, this expense was entirely absorbed by the recreation department, whose budget stood around $17,000. The recreation budget was also allocated to additional community services such as portable sanitation facilities, trash collection, and geese control, leaving only a limited portion available for field upkeep. To address this financial shortfall, the recreation committee has collaborated with the local baseball and soccer organizations to secure the necessary funds for the annual maintenance of the fields. This joint effort ensures that the fields are adequately maintained to meet their basic needs. Moreover, the irrigation system will maximize the benefits of these maintenance efforts and preserve the quality of the fields for our community's enjoyment.

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